Gymnastic Dance

Sundays 11.30-12.30 Rhythmic Gymnastics
£7.00 or £42.00 for 7 weeks

Creating elegant, acrobatic routines.


With inspiration from gymnastic floor work and rhythmic gymnastics, this dance style incorporates acrobatic movement into elegant flowing routines, with creative, expressive lifts and poses.

Requiring strength, flexibility and technique, Gymnastic Dance produces inspiring performances for the dancer and audience.

Rhythmic produces the most flexible of all gymnastics, as it focused on stretching and bending of the body to create wonderful movements and routines. It’s beautiful to watch as the gymnast and the apparatus move as one. It’s creative, high energy and emotive.

These classes are open to ages 4 up to 16 and will be following the IDTA Gymnastic Dance Medal Test Syllabus. As an hour long weekly exam class the fees are £7.00 per class or 7 weeks for £42.00. It is recommended that if a student wants to take the exam that they don’t miss lessons as this will put them behind the other students.

The first class is only half price at £3.50!