Looking for a change of lifestyle?


Reasons to join Pickup Dance:

  1. Happiness – dancers reported higher energy, less tension, and a better, more creative mood than before. The telegraph website has an article which states dancing releases endorphins into the bloodstream and reduces levels of cortisol – a stress hormone
  2. Health Benefits – This is an obvious one. Dancing increase cardiovascular stamina, strength, flexibility. This can help prevent injuries or aches and pains that may be present. Classes can also help you have a deeper understanding of your body.
  3. Freedom – We offer pay as you go lessons. There is no sign up fees and even though we offer termly payments, there are no fines for leaving before the end of term.
  4. Satisfaction – Our wide range of classes means that you can find the perfect fit for you. If you’re feeling bold and daring enough then feel free to sample every class we offer and then pick your favourite.
  5. Money – The first lesson is only half price, so there are no commitments up front. You can pay as you go or we offer a cheaper option if you want to pay for the half term. We also have a 15% discount for siblings or for taking multiple classes.
  6. Balance – For children it is important that they experience every option presented to them. We like to accommodate this as much as possible, we are happy for children to pop along once a week and to attend as many other clubs and hobbies as they would like. If a student doesn’t want to commit to our shows, performances or trips that’s completely fine.
  7. Potential – Not only do we teach exciting skills, work on fitness and flexibility. We also teach important life lessons about motivation, dedication and to not give up on something when it gets hard.
  8. Confidence – At Pickup Dance we work on our International Dance Rewards! This is a great system for the children to work through their skills and they receive a certificate and badges to mark their progress.
  9. Excitement – Every year we run an end of year show in June for the children to take part in and showcase the skills they have been working so hard on. This year, for the first time, we will also be putting on an adult show to help raise money for charity! Look out for December time!
  10. Community – All the members of Pickup Dance are caring and motivated to achieve and to help each other. I am so incredibly proud of the people who are involved in the school and anyone would be lucky to be surrounded by such lovely people!

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