79_dsc6784Ballet shows up in every style of dance whether we like it or not. The more a student studies ballet, the more that student progresses, excels, and flourishes in every other style of dance. Even in Street you can be in a wide second position plié while rocking your upper body side to side. During that time in class, you might not even be aware that you just did a plié, but guess what…you did!


All of our classes are open to beginners and no previous experience is needed. Ballet teaches work ethic, dedication, perseverance, stamina, motivation, flexibility, and strength. Dancers work hard in ballet but the results are worth it. It can also be an outlet, helping to relieve stress and anxiety. In addition to sweating out toxins, there is a decreased risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease and bone loss.

Our children’s classes work towards their International Dance Rewards. Where they have a list of targets to learn and achieve. There are ones for every level and certificates and badges can be purchased upon completion.

Children also get the opportunity to be involved in our Dance School’s end of year show in June!

13924844_906762522762091_4142047892819781402_nAdults are free to wear what ever is comfortable i.e. leggings and t-shirt. The classes for adults are £6.00 per session or £20.00 for four consecutive weeks. The first session is only half price at £3.00. Ballet shoes are also recommended to help with technique and these can purchased from the dance school if you don’t already have your own.





16903418_10158347427460464_7519381474891914305_oChildren need to be in our Dance Schools correct uniform for ballet classes. This can be purchased from the school upon arrival. Leotards and shoes are mandatory and skirts are optional. Cardigans are recommended for the colder months. Leotards are £9.00 each and are available in Blue, Black, Baby Pink and Hot Pink.





screen-shot-2017-01-27-at-11-17-41Fees for children’s classes are either £7.00 for the hour class or a cheaper option of paying in half term instalments. The first class for new students is only half price at £3.50 to see if they enjoy it. The classes run at Freemantle United Reformed Church, 257 Shirley Road, Southampton, SO15 3HS.