Beginners & Improvers BalletTuesdays19.00-20.00£7.50 or £39 for HT
Intermediate BalletThursdays19.00-20.00£7.50 or £39 for HT
Intermediate Ballet & Pointe WorkThursdays19.00-20.30£10.50 or £57 for HT
Contemporary DanceWednesdays19.00-20.00£7.50 or £39 for HT

Adult classes are available to all ages and abilities. Ballet and Contemporary are aimed at beginners and improvers levels. Most of our students are either people who may have danced when they were younger and wanted to get back into it or are people who have never danced before. Classes are focused on strength building and promoting fitness in a fun and relaxed environment. All you need is comfortable clothes that you can move and dance in and a drink to keep hydrated. Ballet shoes are important for classes and these can be purchased at the school if you need them.

Our adult ballet classes use a lot of barre work to help with balance while we are building muscle and flexibility. Its important to maintain healthy joints and muscles all through life. Many people with aches and pains have found the strength gained in ballet classes can help ease any discomfort. For a lot of people sat at desks all day it can be a satisfying and motivating class.

Pointe Work can be damaging if not done safely. So it’s important to build up strength in the feet and ankles before starting this. This class in mainly all barre work to provide you support while you are learning. These shoes need to be fired properly in a store and should not be bought online. Get in contact if you would like recommendations of local shops. This class is open to anyone who is willing to learn and take in the information of the correct technique. This class also helps to improve strength in the calves and helps to define leg muscles.

Contemporary dance is great at improving core strength, defining muscle and gaining flexibility. It can be an excellent outlet for stress and anxiety and it has the advantage of being a full body workout, as well as being beautiful to watch!

All adult classes are also able to take part in our end of year show in June!

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