Infants – Mondays 16.00-16.30
Juniors – Mondays 16.30-17.30

IMG_0185 (2)editStreet Dance is an incredibly popular genre within dance. This has many variations from hip-hop, breakdancing, body-popping and tutting. Street dancers have competed and won programmes like Britain’s Got Talent and Got to Dance. There have been countless films showing the hard work and impressiveness of street dancing. This genre takes a great commitment for attention to detail to make group performances as powerful as possible.

received_10210647604048100-1There are great health benefits from street dancing as one of the more energetic genres it is an excellent cardiovascular workout. Even if you haven’t managed any back flips or head spins yet, it is still a fast paced style. Being part of a team and learning move together is a great way for children to make friends, increase their social skills and their confidence while having fun.

Our children’s classes work towards their International Dance Rewards. Where they have a list of targets to learn and achieve. There are ones for every level and certificates and badges can be purchased upon completion.

Children also get the opportunity to be involved in our Dance School’s end of year show in June!

20713781_1445423862189507_2445475046001475584_nTrainers are important to wear for Street class to decrease impact on the feet while jumping and dancing. Children are also expected to wear appropriate clothing e.g. leggings or tracksuit bottoms. Jeans or skirts are not appropriate. Children will be expected to wear our dance school’s t-shirt, which can be purchased in class.




18489561_10158743509575464_6161516026467262552_oClasses are held in the upstairs studio at Freemantle United Reformed Church, 257 Shirley Road, Southampton, SO15 3HS