Street dance evolved out of the hip-hop scene in the early Eighties, when rival groups of New York youths made up their own breakdance and body-popping routines and performed them in the street. From these underground origins it has grown to become a global craze – and now an accepted form of dance in its own right.

Street dancers have won Britain’s Got Talent twice – first George Sampson in 2008 and then again the following year, when 11-strong dance troupe Diversity beat fellow street dancers Flawless in the final. Since then the phenomenon has exploded: there have been stage shows, films and TV series, and now it’s possible to join a street dance class in just about every town in the country.

There are the health benefits, of course – street dance makes for a serious cardiovascular workout, even if you’re not up to the backflips and headspins just yet – but it is also terrific fun. Being part of a team, learning the dance moves together, watching and contributing to something that looks and feels wonderful will give you an enormous buzz.